It is hardly a new revelation that music can be physically as well as emotionally stimulating. When combined with physical activity, Fitness-Engineered Recordings can be an essential contributor to most any individual’s health, wellness, and fitness.

Audio Dynamics

Audio-Dynamics Audio-Dynamics refers to the integration of beat sound as a basis for managing and spiriting fitness activity and performance.


Foundational to the concept of Audio Dynamics is the understanding that repetitive beat sound or Beat-Rhythms have the potential to influence fitness activity.

Music Tempos

Music Tempos are the beat-rhythms represented by every song’s bpm. When Reps-to-bpm are used in conjunction with Beat-Rhythms and Music Tempos, they can be arranged as an aid in improving the performance of any fitness activity.

ABS Principle


Foundational to the R2B Training System, the Principle of Absolute Beat Speed (ABS) is a proprietary process in which desired or actual repetitive action and beat reverberations are combined and calculated in 60-second intervals. Referred to as Reps-to- Beat Training, repetitions-per- minute (rpm) and beats-per- minute (bpm) are specifically synchronized with various fitness exercises and activities.


Every repetitive series of bodily motion and routine performed over any given period of time can be arranged to a bpm speed and measured in desired or actual physical repetitions. Simply illustrated, an individual who executes a particular exercise routine in unison to a recurrent bpm sound will complete a rep total that will match the bpm total as long as the reps performed are consistent with the bpm. As long as the reps to bpm stay the same, their totals will remain identical. Even more, if the number of Reps-to- BPM is different, but remains consistent with the bpm, when the bpm is raised or lowered, so also will the rpm total rise or fall.


Fitness-Engineered Recordings are music-fitness tracks specifically created or selected for use within the R2B Training System. These recordings are composed of various music elements which when combined with the measurable concepts of the Absolute Beat Speed Principle produces an enjoyable fitness experience that is both programmable and motivational.