Our Beginning

James Brewer, originator of the R2B Training System recalls how beat-speed training impacted various aspects of his workouts, eventually influencing the development of the Abs NonStop Workout and a potentially revolutionary new fitness process.

Hi, my name is James Brewer, creator of‌ the‌ R2B Training System. I‌ started‌ the R2B‌ Training System when I discovered firsthand how significant an aerobic instructor’s choice of music and arrangement can impact the enthusiasm and energy level of those participating in any fitness class. I was one of those participants and ultimately became a certified instructor. It was during this period that I started contemplating the beat-speed idea behind Reps-To-Beat Training (R2B).

The R2B Training‌ ‌System‌ uses a concept I referred to as the “Absolute‌ Beat-Speed Principle”. It is a revolutionary‌ fitness process whereby varying beats at various speeds are applied in music to enhance your workout.‌ Consider how useful an‌ effective beat-speed program could be to your overall health‌ and‌ fitness. It is the perfect fit for any level of workout … beat-fitness at your personal speed. No more‌ reading boring workouts! No more trying to find the right training at right time for your busy schedule. Regardless ‌the‌ ‌time‌ ‌of‌ ‌day; no‌ ‌matter‌ ‌your‌ ‌age‌ ‌or‌ ‌fitness‌ ‌level‌; from individual to group training, f‌‌rom‌ running,‌ walking, and biking to jumping rope, weight and circuit training, or any other exercise activity you can imagine, the R2B Training System‌ will motivate, transform and enhance the way you do fitness.

In the late eighties, before the R2B Training System, I attended college where in addition to school, I worked various‌ part-time jobs and at‌ one point‌ started‌ up a small‌ security guard service. When the unexpected growth of the guard service was much more than I anticipated and almost more than I could manage‌, I‌ left school to devote my time‌ fully‌ to the demands of the expanding business.‌

I owned and operated the guard service for several years before the business took a turn for the worse. Consequently, I committed less time to the security service and more time‌ ‌to an alternate business‌ consulting firm. Over the next few years, my business pursuits rose and fell. Projects that had the promise of

profitable futures failed to produce. In an‌ effort to keep business afloat, I sought the advice and guidance of certain individuals which led to my company’s demise. The fallout that followed‌ included lawsuits‌ from investors, and finally‌ criminal filings from both state and federal agencies.‌

In 2006, I was arrested on numerous charges and sentenced to a 6-year prison term‌. Those years‌ were the most challenging‌ of my life. I struggled not only with the fact that I‌ was now a convicted felon, but even more distressing to me was the realization of the hurt and‌ financial hardship my actions had placed on family, friends, and associates. A strong faith‌ and trust in God was the one thing that rescued me from giving into total despair.‌

In prison, I held special work positions and initiated a few inmate-led help groups; one‌ of‌ which was a‌ charitable organization which generated over one hundred thousand dollars which was donated to  a number of local needy families and individual assistance agencies.‌

During this time I maintained a daily fitness program applying music at a tempo specific to my personal sit-up pace.‌ Initially I had struggled to complete more than 50 consecutive elbow-to-knee sit-ups, however,‌ ‌after just a few short weeks of using a specific beat-speed‌ in coordination with my core workout, I was executing more than 700 consecutive sit-ups per workout.‌

‌Every so often, I would increase the duration of my workouts, and to my amazement I‌ ‌was now able to perform over 1500 continuous sit-ups. At this point, I decided to‌ experiment with the music-beat and tracking concepts‌ I have been‌ employing and every few‌ months I‌ was adding 50-100 additional sit-ups, accomplishing, at that time, a personal best of 1800 nonstop sit-ups.‌

In the June 2011 issue of Men’s Journal magazine, an article entitled “Record Book”,‌ stated the world record total for the most sit-ups executed in one hour – 2,238 by a man‌ from Australia. The sit-up routine I had been performing had been at a‌ pace that was casual and moderate. To match the one-hour record, I would need to‌ increase my average sit-up count by nearly ten sit-ups per minute.‌

My interest piqued, I sought to further test the music and beat speed concepts I had been employing. I began training to a timed sit-up schedule with emphasis placed on improving my sit-up total in coordination to increasing the music’s beats-per-minute play. Within a month, I unofficially broke the world record by 35 sit-ups. In the months following, I exceeded the one-hour record on several occasions by margins of more than 300 sit-ups with a personal best of 2640 nonstop sit-ups in one hour. It was at this time that I seriously began to foster the idea of the Absolute Beat-Speed Principle and the R2B Training System.


 Since my release, I have endeavored to share and promote the principles of R2B in all areas of fitness. I have personally assisted hundreds of individuals toward their fitness goals. Most significantly, I have invented and developed, with the help of others, the Abformer Abs300 Sit-up Apparatus. The Abs300 together with the R2B process has a 90% success rate in helping individuals successfully achieve the ability to complete 300+ nonstop sit-ups.


James Brewer