Reps-to- Beat (R2B) Training is the concept of exercising to exact pulse tempos referred to as Absolute Beat Speed in the performance of any given fitness activity. Absolute Beat Speed is employed to enhance the use and degree of performance of any fitness routine or exercise, and is incorporated into the R2B Training System. Established under this system is a new fitness methodology for use in any workout program. R2B Training demonstrates the effectiveness of using Absolute Beat Speed to improve and motivate fitness performance.

Most popular among the workouts employing the R2B Training System is the Abs Nonstop Workout. Regardless of age, fitness level or experience, Abs Nonstop participants experience immediate and often phenomenal results in core strength and energy. These results are only amplified with the use of the Abs300 Core Fitness Unit. Designed and developed by R2B Training, the Abs300 is a one-of- a-kind fitness device. Together, R2B Training and the Abs300 assist individuals to a level of abdominal core strength that can only be described as amazing. Within a few short weeks, the average Abs300 users increase their core strength to such a degree, they now perform 300-600+ nonstop sit-ups (most in under a 20 minutes). Even more, they enjoy it!

Along with a variety of related fitness products and services, it is R2B’s mission to introduce the R2B Training System and the Abs300 Core Fitness Unit to those seeking to enhance and improve their present fitness experience.


Developing products and services which promote and assist the usage of the R2B Training System within the Health, Wellness, & Fitness communities are among R2B’s chief objectives. From the Fitness- Engineered Recordings (FER) to the Abs300 Core Fitness Unit, the items provided through R2B Training are a varied line of physical fitness

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R2B Training is proud to share with the communities of health, wellness, and fitness the principle of Absolute Beat Speed; the concept of exercising to a specific pulse tempo to enhance the use and degree of fitness performance, this new fitness methodology is incorporated throughout all R2B fitness workouts.

R2B Training demonstrates the effectiveness of using Absolute Beat Speed to improve and motivate fitness performance in most any exercise routine or program.

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